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ZE:A’s Lim Siwan shows off his cute set of three charming expressions

Lim Siwan’s set of three cute expressions from Standby has been revealed.

On the episode of Standby that aired on May 14, Jung Woo starts to care for and look after Siwan after he makes a big hit with his pretty boys’ pasta restaurant.

When Jin Haeng comes home, Siwan asks him to evaluate something and says, “I have some things prepared for our customers. They come all the way to see me after all, so I think I should provide some kind of service.”

What Siwan has prepared is his set of three cute expressions. Siwan gets good laughs by saying, “Please come again.” and displaying a cute kimchi pose, a ppuing-ppuing pose, and a heart pose.

In this episode, Soo Hyun tells Ki Woo that she loves Jin Haeng, so Ki Woo is worn out by Soo Hyun all day.

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