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Youtube will launch a channel dedicated to K-pop


Youtube, a well known video sharing website, will now have a specific channel dedicated to K-pop.

Eric Schmidt, Youtube and Google’s executive chairmen, and President Lee Myung Bak met on Monday, where former told that his company is beginning a way to help spread Korean culture around the world by adding an exclusive channel for K-pop.

Schmidt added that it also wants to broadcast Korean concerts through its Live Streaming efficiency.

According to Youtube’s assay, there has been 5 million uploaded K-pop video among them 400,000 features boy band ‘TVXQ’, 270,000 another boy band ‘Super Junior’ and 400,000 of girl group ‘KARA’, but when it comes to searching under the word ‘K-pop’ only 600,000 video appears.

They said that this will change after the establishment of the ‘K-pop Channel‘ and would make search and sharing easier.

President Lee Myung Bak said, “YouTube played a huge role in attracting fans to this musical genre from around the world. The creation of a K-pop channel will further enhance its clout and influence.

Currently, K-pop record agencies like ‘JYP Entertainment’, ‘SM Entertainment’, ‘YG Entertainment’ etc already has set Youtube accounts to share their contents with world. Noh Seung of JYP shared, “Uploading one video on YouTube is better than spending W1 billion (US$1=W1,117) on advertising, and this effect will become more pronounced when the K-pop channel opens“. It will be boon for other record labels who have not yet made Youtube channel, to share their contents with fans out of Korea.


Source: Chosun

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