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Dare to follow IU and Sulli’s doll-like look!

A woman who has striven to turn into a pretty doll, paying an arm and a leg for plastic surgery, recently became the talk of the town. The Sun, a leading British weekly newspaper, reported on March 13 (local time) that Charlotte Horseman of Manchester invested 18,000,000 won for plastic surgery and clothing to become a pretty Barbie doll.

Charlotte’s case well reflects women’s fantasy of looking like a doll. Here are some tips on how to style yourself like pretty dolls with only clothes and makeup, not expensive plastic surgery.
Follow the example of IU and the Wonder Girls’ So Hee

Singers IU and the Wonder Girls’ So Hee are stars who have won female fans’ hearts for their doll-like appearance. IU’s representative fashion items are an A-line dress and stylish shoes. When matching a knee-length minidress with high-heeled shoes, IU turns into a cute little doll dancing in a music box.


So Hee is not that tall, but her well-proportioned figure is gorgeous enough to draw admiration. To stress her slim, flawless figure, she often uses a short lower garment as a style accent.

Try Choi Kang Hee’s cheek makeup for a baby face


Those who want to try the doll-like look should make a special point of their cheek makeup. Actor Choi Kang Hee is currently serving as the advertising face for Shuemura, a makeup brand. She has boosted women’s desire for a makeover by presenting a mysterious, dreamy makeup strategy in Shuemura’s commercials.

In particular, Shuemura’s hit item, Glow On, was applied to make Choi look young and innocent.

Try the chic hairstyles of Katy Perry, Park Bom and Sulli


Have the courage to dye your hair colorfully like dolls. Singer Katy Perry has gained her global fame for frequently changing hair color and for her voluptuous figure. When Katy appeared in the music video of “E.T.” with renowned rapper Kanye West, people couldn’t repress their astonishment at her shocking alien makeup and costume. Recently Big Bang’s TOP colored his hair mint, like Katy.


If the US has Katy Perry, Korea has 2NE1’s Park Bom. Both of the stars have voluptuous figures and are ardently crazy for minidresses. Park Bom once brought red hair, well suited to her intense eye makeup, into fashion. That’s why we are bound to recall Park Bom whenever we think of red hair.


F(x)’s Sulli stresses her pretty doll-like appearance by wearing her hair in two pigtails or two braids. Her cute image is perfectly matched with hair in pigtails.

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