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Fall makeup tips for beautiful eyes

Thick makeup styles from the ’90s are back in style this fall, so clear, bright skin with strong eye makeup is ready to make a big comeback. Let’s look at some examples of the mature, elegant eye makeup the stars are wearing this fall.

Glitter and Brown Eye Shadow

Applying thick eye shadow on the upper eyelid or under the eye draws a lot of attention in the 2012 fall and winter collections. Actress Kim Hye Soo applied pearl-brown eye shadow like eyeliner to make her eyes shine. Actress Han Go Eun also applied brown eye shadow with white glitter to complement her big eyes.

Classic brown eye shadow is perfect for a formal look. SNSD’s Seohyun and actress Park Si Hyun, who usually wear feminine styles, often use brown eye shadow to accentuate their eyes. The two stars fill in and detail their eyebrows to make their features more vivid, while their nude-toned lips soften their look.

You can shade your eyes naturally by applying multiple layers of brown eye shadow as it gets closer to the eye line. If you want more emphasis on your eyes, you can fill in your eyelashes with black eyeliner. Brown eye makeup goes well with nude-toned lips, but wine-colored lipstick will give a more stylish look.

A Powerful, Unusual Eye Line

Skin makeup, such as bronzer, with thick eye makeup, can make for a powerful impression. If you feel that drawing lines up and under the eye line is too much, you can use a gel type eyeliner with a brush and fill in above your eyelashes. Use an eyeliner pencil to draw a line under the eye, and then diffuse the border with an eye shadow brush. This will make your eyes look more natural and refined.

Unusual eye line shapes, including “cat’s eye” and “wing lines,” have drawn a lot of attention every season. A geometrical eye line has appeared this fall to complement the shape of your eyes. Actress Lee Yoon Ji sometimes wears her hair up and applies eyeliner more thickly to lengthen and broaden the corners of her eyes. 2NE1′s CL draws thick lines up to her double eyelids to make her eyes look big and chic.

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