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[Hair Tip] Color palette for the hair

If you want to create a distinctive style or get attention, having a showy hair color might be a good idea. Take a look at some celebrities various hair colors to find your own style and get some tips to style your hair depending on the hair color.

◇ Blond hair to attract attention immediately

The reason so many idol group members have blond hair is that they have to attract the audience’s attention immediately on the stage. Some comment that f(x)’s Luna is the post-blonde idol member succeeding SNSD’s Jessica. SNSD’s Hyoyeon has kept her bright hair color since her debut. With blond hair, it’s recommended to wear clothes that stand out like Luna or wear clothes in soft colors to accentuate the hair color.

◇ A hair color for yourself

There are some celebrities who have tried hair colors that seem to have come out of comic books. 2NE1’s Gong Min Ji showed her individuality with unusual bluish-gray hair. Secret’s Jeon Hyo Sung has made mystical purple hair her trademark. Her hair color was also named “patbingsu color,” a new coinage. Miss A’s Jia stood out in her group with bright pink hair. Such unusual hair colors go better with either colorful or simple clothes.

◇ Classy red hair

Some actresses have chosen red hair to change their image. Actress Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Ryeo Won both chose red for their hair in order to play daughters of wealthy familiesin drama series.

As Yoon dyed her hair red, she usually chose a classy look for her attire. She also didn’t forget to wear such accessories as rings of bold design to match her hair color.

Jung dyed her hair red when she came to play the role of Baek Yeo Chi, an outspoken girl in the SBS TV drama series Salaryman Cho Han Ji. Some people commented that she perfectly portrayed Baek Yeo Chi, a carefree, arrogant character, in outfits with unusual patterns or details to go with her hair color.

◇ Unusual two-tone hair

Partial “bridge” highlights done lengthways on hair were popular in the past, but today’s trend is two-toned hair, with partial highlights placed widthwise. SNSD’s Taeyeon bleached the ends of her brown hair white. f(x)’s Victoria gave an accent to the ends of her wavy hair with an orange color, Krystal cut her hair two different lengths and dyed the back of her hair yellow. If you prefer unusual styles of clothes, two-toned hair is strongly recommended.

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