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How to have celebrity eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows can really change a person’s look. Since Asians traditionally have a flat face, their eyebrows play a very important role in making a good impression. That is why people should pay more attention to their eyebrows. A simple, yet delicate shaping of the eyebrows can make you look your best for the fall.

◇ Basic theory for drawing eyebrows

To look fresh and clean, wax the fine hairs off first. Then decide on the best shape for your eyebrows. If you are not confident enough in drawing eyebrows, visit a professional eyebrow salon to get some help. Benefit, a popular brand of cosmetics, have eyebrow-waxing shops to help people shape beautiful eyebrows.

There are two tools for drawing eyebrows: a pencil tool and a shadow tool. A pencil brow can look more artificial than a shadow brow, but it lasts longer and is easy enough for a beginner to apply.

A shadow brow looks more natural than a pencil brow because if is soft and gentle. Use a built-in brush tip to fill the eyebrow and a pencil to make the end of the eyebrow hard to remove. Using a pencil to give gradation underneath the eyebrows will make you look clean and neat.

◇ Stars love straight eyebrows

Straight eyebrows are very popular these days. Long, thick eyebrows make you look nice and kind. SNSD’s Hyoyeon used to have curved eyebrows when she first debuted but then she straightened them to look more feminine.

Actress Moon Geun Young also has straight eyebrows. Since she has thick eyebrows, she doesn’t have to draw or fill them in, she just has to trim them. Singer IU also prefers straight eyebrows. You should decide on your eyebrows’ thickness by the size of your forehead and cheekbone. If you have a wide face, you should draw long eyebrows to make your face look thinner. Also, it is important to consider the middle part of your forehead and try not to draw your eyebrows too thick, which can make you look unnatural.

◇ Matching eyebrows and hair color

Men and women of all ages like to dye their hair in various colors. Many people dye their hair in bright colors these days. To look natural, you should also dye your eyebrows. 4minute’s Hyun Ah dyed her hair light brown and her eyebrows the same color. Some people said that her eyebrows were too bright, but most people said that her eyes and lips accentuate her features, making her look even sexier.

SNSD’s Yoona looks refined after dying her hair and eyebrows a reddish-brown color.

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