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IOPE sells an Air Cushion every 30 seconds

Amore Pacific recently showed the biggest gain in the shortest time by selling almost 50 billionwon’s worth of Air Cushion Sunblock, by IOPE.

Amore Pacific announced that sales of Air Cushion Sunblock reached around 50 billion won from January to July 12.

When the product was first released, in 2008, it earned 4.9 billion won. Then it increased incrementally: 9.9 billion won in 2009, 18.6 billion won in 2010, and 43.7 billion won in 2011. The product ranked first among all makeup products, earning 49.6 billion won by July of this year.

The product is the first powder-based sunblock, which is more comfortable to wear than other products, and even when you reapply it, it doesn’t streak. Last month, the core technology used to make Air Cushion Sunblock received an exclusive patent in Korea.

A spokesperson for the company says, “The product has become a mega bestseller, selling one unit every thirty seconds. It was released four years ago, and the sales have increased more than tenfold.”

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