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Make those feet pretty for summer

The summer heat can make feet sweat, so most females wear sandals to beat the heat and avoid letting their feet smell bad. Sandals serve a double purpose because they are practical and beautiful, coming in a variety of appealing designs.

There is one important tip to follow before wearing sandals: color your toenails. Neutral-toned colors are calm and warm, but for more daring styles, bubbly, bright colors can look cool in summer. Black pop color and bling-bling style toenail polish come highly recommended this season.

◇ Black polish looks good with any kind of shoe

Black toenail polish is not just good for a sexy concept. Black is the very definition of an achromatic color, and it can produce countless looks with various accompanying colors. It looks cute when matched with pink sandals as worn by SNSD’s Tiffany, and it looks chic and elegant when matched with black shoes.

◇ Bubbly, eye-catching toenail polish

Eye-catching colors are good to use when trying to create a focal point. Actress Park Shin Hye’s sky-blue polish makes her feet stand out even though she is wearing all black.

To make eye-catching colors work the best, choose colors similar to your sandals or clothes. Contrasting colors, however, are always cute, so you can choose whichever you like.

◇ Bling-bling polish adds life with light

Adding drawings or attaching jewels to toenails are popular because the give greater detail than just a single-color polish. Since glitter nail polish has become available, it’s easy to make your toenails twinkle.

If you think making all your toenails twinkle is overdoing it, just highlight one or two toenails with glitter.

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