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Sparkling makeup for a refreshing spring look

Recently sparkling makeup has become the talk of the town. You may be familiar with how bright and healthy the  complexions of actors Go Hyun Jung and Shin Min Ah look. The best way to emulate that look is make sure your skin is fundamentally healthy and radiant, but it takes a long time and enormous efforts. That’s why sparkling skin makeup is drawing so much attention.

Use makeup base with glitter


Makeup base with glitter will add sparkle to your face. Before using a foundation or a BB cream, just apply a base product with glitter. Thanks to a foundation or a powder touch-up on the makeup over the glittering base, the skin doesn’t look too heavy. It just shines with a delicate splendor.

Oily luster for dry skin


If you are suffering from dry skin, use oil to add luster and moisture to it. As the last step of your makeup, apply a drop of facial oil around bulging parts. The oil can spoil thick makeup, so try to keep the base makeup to a minimum.

Subdued image with transparent highlighter


After completing color makeup steps, apply a highlighter with fine glitter. The fine particles in the highlighter, applied along your facial line, can create a glittering effect as light is reflected. The key is to choose colorless highlighter for neatly sparkling skin. Be careful to apply only the appropriate amount of highlighter in order not to look too showy.

Frequently spray sparkle on the face


Recently sparkling mist has gained popularity. Fine particles in the mist will help you add a natural luster to the skin. Such sparkling mist is very convenient because it can be sprayed on the face even when you’re not wearing other makeup.

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