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The low-cost “fake fashion” of Miss A’s Suzy and Song Ji Hyo

“Fake fashion,” which fools the eye, is currently popular. “Fake fashion” brings to mind such concepts as optical illusions, reversals, and artificiality.

Fake fashion is less costly than the real thing. Let’s take a look at some celebrities’ fake fashion and how they save money on clothes.

◇ Fake fashion recommended by celebrities

Let’s create a distinctive look with tights that look like boots instead of expensive real boots. Miss A’s Suzy tried this technique with bootlike tights. The tights look like high boots laced up. Paired with a vivid blue miniskirt, the unusual tights make a lively fake fashion statement.

Actress Choi Jung Won surprised everyone in a dress that seemed to have a see-through side. However, the “see-through” side was actually lined with apricot-colored fabric very similar to her skin color. Choi received comments that there was a wittiness about her sexy fake look.

Fake fabrics are also very hot. During this past winter, fake fur fashions were popular. Actress Song Ji Hyo created a lovely look in a fake-fur coat at a photo shoot for the fashion magazine InStyle.

Fake fur is a lot cheaper than the real thing, and it also saves many animals’ lives. The fake-fur coat only cost 100,000 won, whereas a fur coat made out of Russian sable would cost over a hundred million won.

◇ Hermès? Chanel? Always welcome!

The so-called luxury brands were hot among Korean girls for a while. As the prices of Chanel and Prada bags increased, many Korean girls were shocked.

If you’re still looking for a substitute for such luxury brands, how about the following bags? Thursday Friday has become popular with its canvas bags. In their ads, the logos of luxury bags are printed under the headline “Everyone can carry a luxury bag regardless of his or her position.”

Sometimes an expensive bag is considered more important than the owner. However, these simple canvas bags are practical. It even helps create an interesting look. Instead of a Hermès Birkin bag that costs over ten million won, for which you might even have to be on a waiting list if you’re unlucky, what about a fake bag that costs only 100,000 won?

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