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How much do you know about the coffee that you drink every day?

Coffee has become one of everyone’s favorite drinks these days. New franchised coffee brands are constantly coming out, and coffee shops are filled with coffee lovers.

How much do we know about coffee, though? In 16th-century Italy, coffee was suppressed as “a beverage of Satan.” While in the UK, coffee was supported as a panacea or considered as a potential poison.

All About Coffee tells the whole story, including background and history, about this drink that has become such an indispensable part of our lives. The book includes anecdotes about coffee and reveals related political, social, and cultural traits and customs of communities that adopted coffee in the old days.

It tells about the origin of coffee and how it has been handed down, coffee sets that have been developed from the time it became popular to the present, and ways of making coffee before the extracting technology came out as well as how the technology has changed. In addition, the first TV commercial for coffee, literary works that describe coffee and coffee shops, and various musical pieces, art works, plays, and musicals that are devoted to coffee are also told about in the book.

The author says, “The real work of baristas is selling culture along with coffee.” He has collected, investigated, and studied materials from various countries for 17 years in order to compile this educational book. A chronicle of coffee and coffee sets is listed in every chapter in historical order, and there is a coffee glossary at the end of the book. If you dream of becoming a barista or simply enjoy coffee, you might want to consider reading this book.
All About Coffee, by William H.Ukers.Translated by Park Bo Kyung.Published by The Morning of the World.542 pages.18,000 won

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