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This is the best galbitang, beef-rib soup ever!

[Kim Mi-suk’s favorite restaurants] Korea House Restaurant is well known for its hand-picked fresh beef from Korean cow. As an ardent lover for beef, I’m one of the regulars for this restaurant. I’ve preferred to the roasted beef hardly mixed with any other condiments and even vegetables. That’s why I was stunned by the served galbitang to the next table when I first visited here.

In the bowl, a big single piece of rib of a cow, with its half in the stock and the rest half exposed, was placed, reminding me of a primitive man in the prehistoric area. What a surprise! That day, I was already full of roasted beef, so I decided to taste galbitang next time I come.

I’ve never ordered galbitang before, in which there is, I’ve thought, nothing much of beef to chew only with a big bowl of tasty stock. Korea House Restaurant, however, helped me cast away my deep-rooted prejudice for the dish, rather to lead me to be an enthusiastic fan. Galbitang is now the first menu I bring to mind whenever I get in feeble health condition. Nothing can be a more perfect match than between the non greasy clean stock and tender rib of Korean cow.

Summer has come to the wide. Despite the concern that this summer would turn the whole country to be a sauna, the early monsoon and storms make us feel chilly these days. In a rainy day, I visited the restaurant along with my mother who wanted to eat a hot soup. That day, as usual, the rib beef melt away in our mouths. It was pouring outside, but our insides warming up with the hot bowl of galbitang revived our drooping spirits and energy.

The restaurant is always swarmed with people, so it’s easy to come cross someone I know. That day, I’ve encountered one of my senior actors I haven’t seen in ages, briefly catching up with him. It must be a priceless present given to my monotonously repetitive daily life. Do you have someone who wants to be come across like me? It’s a small world.

By Kim Mi-suk
Photo from TVreport
Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com

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