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Malaysian burn victim gets treatment in Korea

A Malaysian girl named Tan Hui-Linn, who likes the Korean girl group Brown-Eyed Girls, wishes that she could take a beautiful self-portrait.

In October, 2009, her mentally ill father poured hydrochloric acid on her, giving her third-degree burns all over her body. Since the incident, her life has been hard. Her mother passed away after the accident and Tan Hui-Linn lost the sight in her right eye and the skin on her face.

She’s had several surgeries in Malaysia but the results have been far from good. With the help of Malaysian parliamentarian YB Jeff Ooi, Tan Hui-Linn finally got the chance to come to Korea in December of last year for surgical assistance.

Tan Hui-Linn had reconstructive surgery at the JK Plastic Surgery Hospital. The hospital was able to perform the procedure, thanks to the New Face, New Dream program, a charitable program supported by businesses that contribute to society.

However, since she had very little of her original skin tissue, the effectiveness of the surgery was limited. A group of doctors decided the best option was to use adult stem cells to help regrow her skin.

On July 31, 2012, Tan Hui-Linn came to Korea again. She had stem cell surgery on August 1, one month after a marrow cultivation procedure. She also had laser surgery on her face to help reduce the scarring and because the laser would help to prevent stem cell infiltration.

The surgery was a success. Tan Hui-Linn will have to get four more stem cell treatments over a two-week period.

An official for the hospital says, “This is the first time we’ve used stem cells to replace scar tissue resulting from burning, so we have to watch the progress. She will be hospitalized until September and then, she will get a skin renewal treatment using stem cells, a personal-lipid transplant, eyebrow transplant, and lip surgery.”

Joo Kwon, the director of the hospital, says, “We hope that Tan Hui-Linn will have her dreams come true through these surgeries.”

JK Plastic Surgery Hospital gave her the stem cell treatment thanks to an agreement with Pharmicell.

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