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Keep your scalp clean to prevent hair loss this fall

A common concern of people who have just come back from their summer vacation is scalp damage. Since the scalp is located at the very top of the body, it is easily overexposed to sunlight and can get damaged by ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet rays affect keratin and the cuticle of the hair, making it lusterless and rough. Ultraviolet rays also accelerate aging of the scalp by irritating it and weakening the roots of the hair. They can also cause scalp trouble by promoting the production of sebum and wastes.

If you don’t do anything about such damage to the scalp, it can cause all kinds of problems, including hair loss, by affecting the hair roots in people who are still growing.

Jung Seung Yeon, the chief doctor of Chung Goo Kyung Hee Oriental Medical and Hair Clinic, says, “You have to keep your scalp clean every day after your summer vacation to prevent hair loss this fall. It’s better to wash your hair in the evening rather than in the morning. Do not leave it wet but dry it completely to keep your scalp healthy.”

Jung also says, “It’s also important to improve your diet and lifestyle. Greasy food stops the flow of blood in your scalp, so it’s better to avoid such food but consume protein-rich foods, such as beans and fish, and such seaweed as sea tangle and sea mustard instead.”

If your scalp damage is serious, you’d better consult a doctor, because the risk of hair loss increases.

If you’re worried about hair loss and your scalp health this fall, you should keep your hair clean to prevent hair loss.

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