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Side effects from bimaxillary surgery are rapidly increasing

Side effects from bimaxillary surgery are rapidly increasing.

On August 3, the Korea Consumer Agency reported the number of consultations regarding bimaxillary surgery from 2010 to June this year was 121. There were a total of 29 consultations in 2010, 48 in 2011, and 44 in the first half this year. The number of consultations in the first half of 2012 had already reached the total number for 2011.

Bimaxillary surgery was done 62 times at dentists’ offices (51.2%) and 57 times in plastic surgery clinics (47.1%).

Out of 121 cases, 75 (62%) were because of side effects from bimaxillary surgery.This was followed by deposit refunds (35 cases) and unsatisfactory results (6 cases).

The side effects were pain and abnormal sensitivity (25 cases, 28.1%), asymmetry (21 cases, 23.6%), and abnormal occlusion (18 cases, 20.2%). There were also five dental cases and four temporomandibular disorder cases, including infection, scarring, nasal bone fracture, foreign substances left behind, and damage to the hearing.

The Korea Consumer Agency recommends consultation with more than two doctors before having bimaxillary surgery and prior consultation with the clinics for follow-up measures in case there are side effects or unsatisfactory results. They also say not to trust the commercial before-and-after photos of plastic surgery seen on the walls in subway stations too much.

If you want to cancel bimaxillary surgery, you have to do it at least three days before the scheduled date in order to guarantee that your deposit will be refunded.

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