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The majority of hair-loss patients are in their 20s and 30s

The National Health Insurance Corporation recently shocked the public by announcing that 64 percent of male hair-loss patients are in their teens to 30s. Experts say both constant care and treatment are important for preventing hair loss.

There are several reasons that hair loss can occur. Originally, hair loss was a result of old age, genetic disposition, or excessive testosterone, but today environmental factors such as a Western diet and stress decrease the median age and increase the rate of hair loss. Hair loss is a serious problem shared by over 10 million people in Korea alone.

As a result, a lot of research is being done on hair-loss and the products being developed have become very popular. Medications administered either orally or topically have been produced to prevent early hair loss, and for advanced cases, hair transplant operations are available.

Kim Yoong, director of a scalp clinic, says, “Because there are various causes of hair loss, including, lifestyle factors and genetic effects; it is very important to choose the appropriate treatment. Even after a hair transplant has been completed, constant treatment for about seven to eight months is essential to maximize effectiveness.”

Hair transplantation is usually the last choice for people who are undergoing hair loss treatment. but after the operation patients tend to think the treatment is complete, so they don’t bother to take special care of their scalp and their new hair.  Experts, however, say that hair loss can appear again, anytime, for countless reasons, including the environment or stress, so ongoing care after the operation is necessary.

Today, according to Kim, scalp-care clinics and hair-loss treatment programs are popular to prevent hair loss before it starts. These programs help people accurately diagnose and prevent hair loss according to individual hair-loss type and also customize the treatment to the client’s needs and monitor the progress of the treatment.

Director Kim says, “Since there are various medications and treatments for hair loss, getting accurate information about hair-loss treatment is the best way to maximize its effectiveness and prevent hair loss. Instead of getting an operation for a quick fix, constant care and treatment is imperative to prevent hair loss.”

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