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Bicycle shoes without laces

The soles of ordinary shoes and bicycle shoes are different for a reason. The soles of ordinary shoes are designed to cushion the foot’s impact with the ground when the wearer is walking or running. The soles of bicycle shoes, on the other hand, are rigid to help increase pedal power and streamline leg strength to the bicycle.

Since ordinary shoes can give safe, comfortable support on ordinary bicycles with standard pedals, specialized shoes are not necessary, so there is no need to waste money on expensive shoes or pedals. However, for a more active riding experience, bicycle shoes can be beneficial. Shoes are important because they can effect the bicycle’s performance by connecting the rider’s legs with the driving axle. Specialized bicycle shoes can improve long-range andmid-range riding.

Shoe Science: “Bicycle shoes shouldn’t have laces”

Bicycle shoes shouldn’t have shoelaces, because they can become untied during a ride. As a result, Velcro  and straps replace laces to hold the rider’s feet on the pedals. Most snowboard shoes and some mountain climbing shoes have a Boa closure system, which is also used with bicycle shoes.

Velcro tape has a simple construction so it’s easy to attach and unattach. The cost is also low,so it is widely used on bicycle shoes, but it is not strong enough to completely secure the rider’s feet. A strap is stronger than Velcro and it helps hold the rider’s feet on the pedals. The Boaclosure system uses a dial-in system to apply equal pressure and support across the shoe. It’s lightweight and easy to control, which makes it ideal for higher-end road-bike shoes. The Boaclosure system gets its name from the American company Boa, which patented the technology.

Another type of cycling shoe holds the front of the foot and the back heel tight so the rider does not lose performance strength. The key element is the heel cup, which puts pressure on the Achilles’ tendon so that the heel of the foot will stick to the pedals. The various devices to keepa rider’s foot securely in a shoe work best when the shoe fits the rider’s foot perfectly. The devices are useless if the rider’s shoes are bigger or smaller than the feet, so there are various products that with heat can be molded to fit the shape of the rider’s feet exactly. This will maximize a cyclist’s efficiency.

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