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Movie Theaters in Korea

It’s time to be schooled in movie theaters. They’re just a little bit different in Korea.

First off going to the movies isn’t as a big a pasttime in Korea as it is elswhere. You probably won’t hear anyone bragging “I was THERE! At Midnight! On opening night!” or “I waited in line for 5 hours!” No… It’s not as a big a culture there. People prefer downloading movies illegally like a boss going to noraebang.

Although there are things called dvd bangs (dvd rooms) but… people don’t use them for watching dvds. (Ahem) MOVING ON!!

At Korean movie theaters, you get to choose where to sit. Not that you can choose wherever you want but the seats that aren’t x’d out are the available seats. All theaters in Korea have assigned seating. And people actually sit in the seats they’re assigned to! (GASP!)

This isn’t an option in every theater but just the fact that this is an option at all makes us light up! Korea is AWESOME!

These are couple seats. Gee. What gave that away? Not every theater has the couple seats so you’d have to research on where they’re at. These ones are CGV’s Sweet Box seats. They’re a little pricier but look, you get this nice couch. And it’s big! And when the movie snags a boring spot it’s a lot less awkward to cuddle.

These ones are located in Apgujeong off of Line 3, Exit 3CGV Sweet Boxes

DO eat dried cuttlefish at the movie theaters! It’s one of the great joys of snacking that, unless you’re in Asia, you can’t really enjoy elsewhere. No popcorn! Save that for a day indoors or something! Movie theater? Cuttlefish. Always.

OK not every movie theater looks as awesome as this one (located in Yongsan Electronics Market – aka – I’PARKmall) but most movie theaters at least have a really nice lounge area. And just like everywhere else in Korea, attention is given to the interior. If it doesn’t look nice you’re probably not in the right country.

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