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Seeing stars through an Optical Illusion, Conjuring Constellations

Seoul, Korea – No Sang Gyun’s private exhibition “Conjuring Constellations” will be held from March 8 to April 17 in Simon Gallery, Seoul.

The material used for the exhibition, sequin, is a thin plastic decoration piece also called as spangle.

There are thirty new additions to the exhibition including twelve pieces of the constellation series, a Buddhist piece “For the Worshipers,” and a manikin artwork “What Are You Looking For,” plus other solid work pieces.

The constellation series made of sequins is a little different from the stars that you might see at night. The circles with different sizes at a glance resemble a single cell trying to multiply.

The artist has attached the sequins to a flat canvass in such exquisiteness that the light reflects off in different angles, conjuring up an optical illusion. This is the very reason why the artist loves using sequins.

Artist No Sang Gyun said, “Though many times we see objects and assume they exist the way they are seen; through this series I wanted to express how such assumption could be refuted. Just as this cup looks different from different angles, any object can be interpreted in a different way. I like sequins because of its composite make up that can express such thought.”

Name of Exhibition: No Sang Gyun “Conjuring Constellations”

When: March 18, 2011 ~ April 17, 2011

Place: Gallery Simon, Jongrogu, Seoul

Questions: 02-549-3031

By Yoo Jin Hee (star@jtn.co.kr)
Photo from JTN DB
Translated by Yesul Kwak / Korea.com

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