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Yongduam Rock in Jeju

One of the major tourist attractions, especially for wedded pair. It takes different shapes, depending on viewing angles or weather conditions.
Yongduam Rock is located 200 meters westward from the Yongyeon pond, on the downstream of the Hancheon. A dragon which used to live in the Dragon Palace tried to ascend to heaven then became hardened. The hardened shape looks like a head of dragon so it was named as Yongduam Rock (“Yong” means a dragon in Korean.). It looks quite strange and curious in terms of shape and size.
It is ten meters above the air and 30 meters of the body is submerged in deep sea. If you take a good look at the rock in sunset, it looks like its alive and stretching upwards. The best place to appreciate this site is 100 meters to the west. Also when the sea is high, it offers better view than ordinary day.
It looks like a big bang is about to be created or a dragon crying because it angered the gods. There are a lot of interesting legends involving the Yongduam Rock.

Legend of Yongdoam Rock
One of the legend is that a lion went to Mt. Hallasan looking for eternal life herb for the dragon king when it was shot dead by the mountain god. It fell into the sea and only its head floated on the sea.
Another legend is that as the dragon took away a jade ball from the Mt. Hanllasan god while ascending to heaven. The god was angry and he shot the dragon down with arrows. The body fell into the sea and only its head remained floating on the sea. Geologically speaking, when the lava was erupting it was hardened and formed into a dragon-shaped Yongduam. The island is also beloved by botanists since rare plants such as Seomgatbunchi and Hedyotis biflora var can be seen growing wild.

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