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An easy, ecologically friendly way to carbonate water at home

On July 12, the homeshopping channel GS Shop announced that it will be selling the SodaStreamHome Carbonation System on its program Park Na Rim’s Smart Housekeeping on July 14 for 65 minutes starting at 9:15 a.m.

SodaStream is a British company that first made a home soda-water maker in 1903. It’s the world’s most popular brand for home carbonation systems, selling its products in 42 countries and has a 75-percent world market share.

The product to be sold by GS Shop is the high-end Crystal model.The device is easy to use. All you have to do is put chilled water into the bottle that comes with the device, attach it to the device, and then dissolve carbon dioxide in the water by pressing a button on the device three times. The price is 398,000 won.

Now you can enjoy carbonated water without worrying about food coloring, sugar, preservatives, or other artificial additives. You can also use the effervescent water with fruit extract, the juice of lemons or other citrus fruits, and it’s ideal as an ingredient in dongchimi, cocktails, or fruit salad to enliven them and improve their flavor.

It’s also very economical. Sparkling water sold at major supermarkets and convenience stores costs about 2,000 won for a 330-milliliter bottle, but the SodaStream carbonator can make 60 to 80 liters of sparkling water with just a single carbonic acid cylinder. The cylinder can be replaced for 24,000 won with free shipping.

Kwon Jae Hong, head of the Lifestyle Digital Department of GS Shop says, “As people’s interest in health grows, they’re paying a lot of attention to home carbonators to easily make sparkling water at home. The most popular home carbonator brand, SodaStream, will be exclusively represented in Korea by GS Shop.”

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