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Samsung unveils its advanced ultrabooks, the Series 5 Ultra

Samsung Electronics has launched the new high-performance Samsung Series 5 Ultra in Korea. The series is divided into two types: 14-inch models for high-performance and 13-inch models for portability. 

The most noticeable feature of these ultrabooks is their copious storage space, which answer the growing demand for high-capacity storage. There is a mass storage hard disk (HDD), and a solid-state drive (SSD) of up to 128GB, as well as up to 8GB of RAM. 

For rapid processing speed, they are the first Korean laptops to adopt Express Cache, a new technology from the American company Diskeeper. This technology, used on the Series 7 Gamer notebook computer, enables the computer to fully awake from minimum sleep mode within seven seconds and doubles the speed of booting, running applications, and accessing the Internet.

The 14-inch models have ample storage room thanks to the hard disk with an unprecedented capacity of up to 1TB. The machine is compact,, measuring only 20.9mm thick,, and thanks to the aluminum exterior, it weighs in at a mere 1.8kg. This is the first ultrabook with an optical disk drive, and with its high-performance AMD Radeon HD 7550M graphics card, another first time for ultrabooks, it allows users to appreciate video content of the best quality.
The 13-inch models boast enhanced portability at only 14.9mm in thickness and 1.4kg in weight. With 500GB of storage, the lighter models obviate the necessity of carrying a separate external disk around.
The 14-inch models now have a VGA port, and anti-reflective display technology has made it possible for users to better appreciate realistic video content and easily read text even outdoors in natural light.

A Samsung representative says, “With  accumulated know-how on the development of ultra-thin, light laptops, Samsung Electronics has succeeded in launching laptops equipped with ample storage capacity, an optical disk drive, world-class graphic performance, and advanced portability that satisfy high-level standards for ultrabooks. The Series 5 Ultra laptops are expected to give users the benefit of higher performance at prices more competitive than those of its rivals.”
The Samsung Series 5 Ultra will be go on sale in late December in Korea at prices ranging from 1,290,000 to 1,490,000 won for 13-inch models and from 1,340,000 to 1,540,000 won for 14-inch models.

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