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Will Samsung release the Galaxy Note 2 with a bendable screen later this year?

Will the Galaxy Note 2 feature a break-resistant display?

On July 27, Kim Chang Man, director of Samsung Displays, attended a conference call to report on the company’s second-quarter earnings, saying, “We’re going to produce a flexible display.”

What Kim said is that they will release a product with a flexible, break-resistant display.

The flexible display will probably be installed on a smartphone or a table PC. The industry expects Samsung to use the flexible display on the Galaxy Note 2.

The industry also expects that even though the phone will feature the flexible display, it will not actually be bendable. A non-bending flat display will be used in early models, but since the display uses a revolutionary plastic rather than glass, the display’s weight and thickness will be greatly reduced.

Samsung Electronics director Kim Hyun Joon, says, “We will produce a high-end product, and our LTE line will become even stronger. But we can’t talk  in detail regarding our road map for the future at this time.”

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