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Google Unveils the Nexus One.. A Prelude to "Battle of the Smartphones?"


Seoul, Korea – The topic of conversation for 2010 will be the word smartphone. Ever since Apple’s iPhone was officially released in Korea, the smartphone market has been growing at a breakneck speed. HTaving come out with its own smartphone, theNexus One, Google will definitely open up fierce competition in the smartphone market. Now that Google has showcased the new Nexus One, it has opened up a prelude to what is being called the Battle of the Smartphones.

As Apple surpassed the two greats in the mobile market, Samsung and Nokia, it will be a close competition between Apple and Google for the top mobile operating system. It is also known that Google’s Nexus One will run on the newest version of the Android operating system. The Nexus One is presently being manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC. The basic design of the phone is not that different from the HTC Hero, and it has a wider touch-screen than what is presently available on the iPhone.

You can buy the phone for $179 with a two-year service plan. Without a plan, the phone itself would cost $529. You can currently order the Nexus One in America, England, Singapore, and Hong Kong, but whether the phone will be released here in Korea is still undecided.

A Google representative said that because the Nexus One has the Android operating system, it will be known for its global functionality. The Nexus One targets the Google user around the world and is in the limelight for now, whether it will find its place in the rising smartphone market or not is yet to be determined.

Source: Betanews (Original article in Korean)
Translated by Byung Ho Choi / 

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