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LG U+ says, “Try an ARS service that you can see”

On August 22, LG U+ announced that it will launch its Smart Video Call Center, which will provide both video and audio functions for call centers of companies that choose to use the service.

With existing call-center solutions, customers have experienced inconvenience when connected to an ARS (Automated Response System) service. Many times, they are unable to hear the responses fully or have to have them repeated because they are too long or complicated.

However, with the Smart Video Call Center, customers can choose the service they want directly on their smartphones, reducing waiting time.

In addition, customers can also access guides on company products and company PR videos, according to their age and gender while they’re waiting to get connected with customer service representatives.

The Smart Video Call Center can be connected with existing ARS systems and PBXes (Private Branch Exchanges), and it encodes data when it is connected with customers’ smartphones.

Smartphone users who want to take advantage of the service can download the Smart Video Call Center application and call the customer service center to start the service.

Hyun Jun Yong, the director of the Communication Infrastructure Department of LG U+, says, “Because the number of smartphone users is rapidly increasing, customer service centers should also become smart. The weakness of the existing ARS service has been supplemented, so we believe customer satisfaction will increase.”

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