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No more worry about losing your smartphone

It’s very rare to take back your smartphone as it gets lost. Just to be sure, you keep making calls or sending text messages, but you know your phones are gone for good.

It must be your personal data in the phone, not the phone itself, which weighs more on your mind. The data can not only expose your private life but be used by criminal hands. But it would be no longer a problem only if you have Smart Me.

As an application operated by remote control, Smart Me provides services such as backing up address book, changing security mode and sending text messages. By remote control, you can move your address book to your mail and remove the data from the phone. The change of security mode will help you prevent any other persons from using your missing phone.

What’s noticeable, among the services, is the location-tracking service. By using Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G of your missing phone, your phone can be located. That’s how you get to know the whereabouts of your phone.

By Park Hyo Ju
Photo from Money Today
Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com

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