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The iPhone 4 has finally arrived

Seoul, Korea – Millions of people had been waiting patiently and with much anticipation for Apple to reveal the new iPhone 4. But was it worth the wait? Only a day into the iPhone 4′s birth into the world, many people have shown both satisfaction and disappointment for it.

Yes, Apple cannot satisfy everyone’s personal needs and expectations, but some say that they could have done a better job. But with products so popular and widely used such as the iPhone, some people are bound to feel that the glass is half full.

Yet there are still some remarkable features in the iPhone 4G. The iPhone’s new look gives it a slimmer and smoother feel. It’s appearance, though, was not a surprise since the iPhone model that was found at a bar in California last month proved to look exactly the same as the iPhone 4 that was released today. But the detailed specifications shown on Apple’s homepage (www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html) prove that this iPhone is a lot slimmer than its previous model.

The iPhone 4 also has some high-tech upgrades such as the Retina display and a camera that is located on the front. It also features an upgraded version of the Apple OS (folders for Apps, multi-tasking, etc.).

Apple always manages to impress its users with incredible products. By the looks of it, the iPhone 4 will definitely challenge its competitors to bring out their A-game.

Written by Byung Ho Choi / 

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