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Review for Vibe BS -80S1 Real 4D Earphone (1/6)

By: Antoine Walker (iprestige@comcast.net)

Vibe BS -80S1 Real 4D Earphone


The Good:

The BS-80S1 Read4D earphone’s overall sound quality was so good, I was truly shocked the first time I used them.  These earphones do have a bass bias which adds to the overall ‘4D’ experience.  Nice packaging, exceptional comfort and sound quality.  Deep, rich bass.  Clear sound.

The Bad:

It took some time to get use to the vibration aspect of the earphones but it slowly grows on you. No carrying case.

The Bottom Line:

Beats the stock headphones that were bundled with my HTC smartphone and Apple iPod. The bass shines with the vibration and the overall sound is great. Awesome audio experience!


I received these earphones in the mail and just judging by its packaging, I could already tell that this is a quality product. Initially, I was shocked by the vibration feedback these earphones exhibited. Literally, everything I listened to came alive. I own both an iPhone and iPad which I take with me every day on my 3+ hour daily commute on the train to work. I have to admit, these earphones offered an experience I have not felt before. It makes the games you’re playing and the movies you’re watching much more engrossing. The vibrations do not dominate or hinder the overall sound production. I was pleasantly surprised that the earphones did not require an external power source to produce the vibrations.

Retail package                                               Opened package

The sound quality in general is quite excellent. I would compare these with the high quality earphones to the $100+ earphones I’m accustomed to. These earphones handled the mid’s and hi’s quite adequately. I do listen to a fairly good amount of hip-hop and techno music. The bass produced by these earphones are quite exceptional and the vibration feedback just adds to the overall experience.

BS-80S1 close up                                                BS-80S1 close up

The build quality and design is pretty good. The only negative that I have with this product is that it does not come with a carrying case. Other than that, I would highly recommend this product if you’re looking for a set of high-quality earphones that offers more than just an audio experience.

Playing Angry Birds on the iPad                      Watching a movie on the iPad


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