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[Post Guide] How to upload video / photo & adjust thumbnail photo

Korea.com website is built on a WordPress platform to provide our users the ease and comfort in publishing and posting contents online.  We have provided a general guideline to help facilitate our users create contents online.  Please read thoroughly, the guideline below.


When writing a new post

1. Press ‘Add New’
2. Enter Title
3. Compose Contents (Articles, Writings, Photos, Videos)
4. Indicate Source or Credit you referenced. Ex) Source: Starnews (hyperlinked)

IMPORTANT REMINDER: All texts must be aligned to the LEFT (see example below)
All media contents (photos & videos) must be Centered (see example below)


To insert Photos

Do not copy and paste image file directly on the editor.  You MUST use the Upload/Insert button highlighted above to upload pictures. 


To insert Videos (Youtube)

1. Press ‘youtube’

2. Copy and Paste Youtube URL and press Okay

3. To get youtube url: Go to www.youtube.com & Press Share (A.) & Copy and Paste youtube (B) URL into your post (C.)


Modifying / Adjusting Thumbnail* Image.  

* Thumbnail image is the image that will appear on the published board.  When necessary, you MUST always format and modify thumbnail image to provide better presentation of the photo.  See example below.

1. To modify/ adjust press “set featured image”

2. Upload photos or use gallery photos. Then press “edit image”

3. Edit  the Image

  • A. Drag your mouse to select thumbnail photo.
  • B. Crop the selected image.
  • C. Save image
  • D. Press “use as featured image”


4. Save Draft and Publish your Post.

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