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BoA does aegyo

In the past week, BoA was kept busy visiting various radio programs for her “Only One” album promotions. Many fans expressed that they learnt more about BoA through the radio shows and that BoA was unlike the female warrior image she showed during her performances.


On the first radio show she guested in, BoA even did the “bbuing-bbuing” aegyo for her fans.


Below are some pictures BoA took with the DJs:


BoA with Hong Jin Kyung

A talking point after this program aired was BoA’s choice of who she would like to take to a deserted island. DJ Hong asked BoA out of the 3 guys she coupled with for her “Only One” performances, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, SHINee’s  Taemin, and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, who she would pick if she went to a deserted island? BoA said that because she is closest with Yunho in real life, she would choose him.


BoA with Park So Hyeon

BoA posing with the signature move from Girl’s Generation’s “Twinkle” dance. BoA expressed her wish to do cute dances, instead of difficult ones, in future.

Many fans applauded Park, saying that she really made a lot of preparations for the interview with BoA such that the conversation could flow smoothly and comfortably. Some fans even asked if Park is BoA’s close friend in real life because the chemistry between the two was so good. In the photos, it does seem like the two are pretty close.


Finally, BoA with Yoo In Ah

Yoo expressed that she specially wore the honey bee costume in order to create a conversation starter. DJ Yoo chose this costume because it reflected her nickname. Fans called Yoo “Honey DJ” because of her sweet “honey-like voice”. Yoo said that she had always been BoA’s fan. On the radio program, BoA expressed that she was surprised at Yoo’s get-up, and that the costume was really unique.