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BoA in love…?

It has been a while since BoA updated us about her activities since she arrived in Canada… So what has she been up to?

BoA had being spotted at various places around Toronto (such as a Japanese restaurant), and practising a new dance for COBU reshooting. A few days ago, reshooting officially began. And it seems like BoA and Derek Hough are falling in love……………………?

Yesterday, Derek Hough tweeted in Korean.

I love you BoA-ya. We are having so much fun filming right now.
(trans credit: therlynn)

FYI Koreans add a “ya” behind a name to express closeness to the person.

In reply, BoA tweeted


Many fans have expressed views similar to Arden’s, saying that both BoA and Derek are being silly and cute. Many have also expressed their surprise in seeing Derek’s fluent Korean.

However, upon seeing the picture that Derek tweeted, the views of some fans changed.

Some fans commented that BoA and Derek look really sweet together. However, some fans (especially male fans) expressed their jealousy saying things like “That’s my BoA!!”, “No way!” etc.

What are your thoughts? Do you think BoA and Derek are an item? Or do you think that is merely a friendly picture taken for their movie promotion?