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BoA is Addicted to Dramas??


Recently, BoA appeared on variety talk show “Win Win” as a guest. On the show, it was revealed that she watches a lot of dramas. This prompted secret guest and close friend, actress Lee Yeon Hee, to comment that BoA is like an ajumma (‘old auntie’ stereotyped to watch a lot of dramas and follow drama series closely).

In response to this comment, the MCs asked BoA if she would classify herself as a ‘dried-fish woman’. After some thought, BoA coolly agreed with the label. She said that it reflects her lifestyle at this current point in time – going home straight after work and not hanging out for social activities. (More detailed explanation -> here)


Recently, BoA proved that she is indeed a drama-lover.

BoA tweeted:

“Ah..Darn…… why are there so many interesting dramas recently….. kekekekeke Guess I’ll stay up watching dramas… keke”


Many fans then tweeted in response asking BoA which dramas she has her eyes on.



A few days later, BoA led fans to speculate about her love life when she tweeted,

“A new face man has captured my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


But she quickly added,

“That person is….. . . . . . . . senior Son Hyeon Ju!!!!!! Wa.. He’s really the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

This comment suggested that BoA was responding to Son’s character in the recent drama <The Chaser>.

Fans then responded with comments such as “Wa BoA’s ideal type changed keke”, “Son is really the best right?”, and “I have to watch the drama now…”.


All translation credits to therlynn.