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BoA’s Comeback Information!

To her fans’ delight, BoA has been updating her twitter constantly these few days with announcements regarding her impending comeback to the Korean music industry. But not only her fans were excited about the news, even fellow celebrities tweeted their support for BoA’s comeback!


On 13th July

BoA: I’m being really honest.. Because of the album this time I feel like I aged by 10 years  ㅜㅜ ah… It is such a rewarding job…. Everyone please give me strength~~ euhehehehehehe keke


YB: Looking forward to it it’s the song I heard that time right?! Musician BoA!!

BoA: haha of course bro ^^ haha When the album is released I’ll deliver it to you~~!! (-; Rock and roll!!


Makeup artist Ko Mi Young: Fighting! The album is really awesome!! ^-^

BoA: Now you and I together.. ke


Actress So Yu Jin: Fighting !!! BoA-chan is the best

BoA: uhehe~ sis is also the best!!!!!! Haha This year is also a busy one!! Ha


Park Hee Bon: Let’s all send our strength to sister Chiara BoA!!!

BoA: Aigo sibling! Didn’t you change your job to become a police a while ago!!!! Look forward to your increased activities!!! Let’s fighting together ^^


Comedian Kim Young Cheol: Is there anything I can imitate??ke Your album this time? I think it might be the last time I’ll imitate your album??kekeke I don’t like doing it..Shall I do a adieu BoA special(Mimic Version) this year not at Go show but at other talk shows?ke what are your thoughts? (*note: BoA deleted her replies to KYC)

Comedian Song Eun I: I’m prepared!~ ha

BoA: kehahaha I’m also curious about your version!! Don’t say you can’t do it later on!! Ha


Conversation with the dancers:

Famous_Jae: I lose to you in terms of age (meaning he is older)


BoA: You can’t win my nagging? Ke Anyway let’s stop dancing keke Probability of doing that in reality -100000% keke

WAWASOUL: Omo.. Look at that kid;;; ㅡ ㅡ^

BoA: In order to rejuvenate my youth I just polished off 10 portions of eel just now!!!!!!!! Kekekeke Famous_Jae WAWASOUL Aren’t you guys envious?! Kekekeke (-;

Gucne: Well…Currently growing older as time goes by ke

BoA: Hmm….. Seems like we have to go eat eel altogether in order to maintain our body…. Set a date!!



On 16th July, BoA herself released further information about her comeback. The full song “Only One” will be released via all major Korean music sites and iTunes on the 22nd, while the full album will be released on the 25th. BoA will be holding her first comeback stage on her own comeback show titled “BoA 4354″, which will be filmed on the 23rd. That day also marks BoA’s 4354th day since her debut. The show will be aired on the 28th.


BoA: Audio will be revealed on the 22nd, the album will go on sale on the 25th!!!! BoA’s 7th album Only One.. Please show a lot a lot of concern ^^ (-; So it’s finally going to be released~~~~ kehehe haha



BoA: Yes!! BoA’s comeback show!!!!!!! Haha Together with the super awesome Kpopstar production team, I’ll show you an awesome performance ^^ I’ll assume many of you will come and play~~~~ haha


BoA also changed her profile picture to reveal a teaser image for her upcoming album. Many fans praised BoA’s beautiful skin and small face in the new picture. Some fans even commented that she looks like a sister of Go Ara.


all translations cr to therlynn