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BoA’s Korean comeback coming soon??


Rough translation (all credits to therlynn):


Variety+movie+album ‘triple crown challenge’


BoA is seeing a possible 2nd peak in her career through various activities in 2012. Currently, BoA appears as an SME representative in highly popular show SBS ‘KPOPSTAR’ as a judge. Recently enews met with ‘KPOPSTAR’/s Park Seong Hun PD and he gave good comments, “I even wondered to the extent – what would we have done if BoA wasn’t on the show. She had performed well in her relationship with Yang Hyun Seok and Park Jin Young”.


With the gentleness that only females have, she felt the emotions of the contestants. On the other hand, she can seem scary and overwhelming when she gives harsh remarks. In contrast to her activities as a singer all these while, many fans have said that this program allowed a ‘rediscovery of BoA’. Through ‘KPOPSTAR’, BoA, who has regained love from the public, gave a preview of her comeback through the release of a movie and album. Her multi-faceted promotional activities are much anticipated.


The Hollywood movie that BoA is starring in – ‘COBU 3D’ – has been scheduled to open in Korea this year, and even a new album has been planned for. A representative from BoA’s agency, SM, spoke to enews via phone 2 days ago and said, “It means that BoA will have many chances to meet with her fans this year” and that “There are plans for the movie release and also an album”. Then he added that, “Currently, any recordings that have to do with the album are still in the planning stages” and also, “This will be the year that BoA will have the most activities” and asked for many people to show BoA love.


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