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BoA’s Night Out With the SM Boys

Brian Joo posted this picture which features many people from the SM family – namely (left to right), ex-CEO Lee Soo Man, BoA, Super Junior member Choi Si Won, TVXQ member Changmin, ex-SM member Brian Joo and Trax member Kim Jung Mo.

Many fans replied with comments like, “It is so sweet BoA and Lee Soo Man share such a close bond” and “They really look like father and daughter!”. It seems like BoA had a wonderful time with the boys in the SM family!


 Brian Joo subsequently tweeted about the meetup stating that he had a good time.

In another picture that Siwon tweeted, it looks like a different meetup with an unexpected guest – Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul! In reply to his tweet, Kim Jung Mo stated “역시 급모임은 즐겁다~!!” (translation: As expected a sudden meetup is fun~!!).

It seems like BoA has been leading a rather busy social life in Korea! It is great to see that she is meeting so many people and having fun! ^^