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KPOPSTAR Season 1 Wrap Up

The first season of SBS KPOPSTAR ended with Park Ji Min winning the competition. However, that does not mean the end of the search for a KPOPSTAR! On the very last episode, SBS screened a small caption indicating that there will be a Season TWO!! So this means that we will be able to see more of BoA as a judge! Unfortunately, they did not specify when the new season will start. Many fans have speculated that it will begin end of the year or in the first half of next year.


On the day of the grand finale, BoA collaborated with 4 of the Top 10 contestants, and performed a rearranged version of her hit song <No. 1> and the theme song for KPOPSTAR <One Dream>. The performance drew praises such as “I got so touched by No. 1″, and “the best harmony”. If you missed the performance, don’t fret!
YouTube Preview Image
video cr to SBSKPOPSTAR official Youtube channel


BoA also drew a lot of attention during JYP’s performance where she can be seen thoroughly enjoying herself. Many people commented that this image is very refreshing and is a contrast to the mature lady image she has as a judge.

BoA’s reaction during JYP’s performance of <Honey> got fans commenting “I want to receive BoA’s flying kiss”, and “I’m so jealous of all the people on stage”.


Some fans also commented “BoA is a person who plays hard and work hard”, and “she’s so cute”.
(all gif cr to uriboa)


BoA also drew many praises from both fans and non-fans for her 90 degree bow after senior singer Insooni’s performance stage of <Climb Every Mountain>. Some comments include “Although BoA is a world star, she still remembers her manners”, “BoA really has the qualities of a world star”, and “Celebrities should really be like this”.

(photo cr to nate)


After the main show ended, SBS aired a late night special of KPOPSTAR showing the backstage scenes and interviews etc. A fan kindly compiled the interview BoA gave on that episode into a video.

YouTube Preview Image
video cr to uploader


Many post-show pictures were also uploaded.

BoA uploaded this picture with the caption “our cool judges and MC bro Do Hyun, and Seong Hun PD hahahaha keke”.

Along with this picture, BoA also revealed her thanks to all the people involved in the long and arduous journey the past 7 months. She tweeted “At the end of a great battle of 7 months that finished in success – KPOPSTAR!! All the contestants, Ji Min who won, runner-up Ha Yi.. Cool judges bro Hyunseok bro Jinyoung.. All SBS staff members, you have all worked very hard!!Above all, everyone who tuned in thank you!!!! I.Love.You.All ^^”


Pictures of BoA and the contestants were also revealed.

 A picture with 3AM and Choi Ban Seok (cr Choi Ban Seok’s facebook)
The following pictures are from Yoon Hyun Sang’s fancafe:

In response to the pictures, fans commented that “BoA looks so young!”, “I’m jealous of the guy in green”, and “BoA seems to be having so much fun”.
All translation and article writeup credits to therlynn.