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KPOPSTAR Season 2 Poster Shooting

한밤 보아 by bokachu


Translation of BoA parts (cr therlynn):

BoA: Look forward to my straightforward manner
Staff: An even stronger straightforward judging than in Season 1?
BoA: No~~



*part where BoA interrupts JYP’s interview*
BoA: What kind of judge?
JYP: An emotionless judge
BoA: Eh~How can you do that oppa?
JYP: I want to try and be a judge that has no expression. Not excited and emotionless, that kind of judge.
BoA: From what I see, as soon as the music starts, oppa will have this kind of expression



*BoA’s solo interview*
BoA: There are also people who I’ve cried together with. When I see them walking on the fine line separating amateur and pro, I feel a lot of pity for them and really wanted to help them. Let’s just say I’ll not cry in Season 2.



*group interview*
Question: What kind of image do you want to present in Season 2?
BoA: I’m considering taking over YG’s kind image
JYP: That’s mine!
BoA: Then you can give your (evil) image to YG. Then I’ll be the in-between.

YG: From what I know both SuPearls and Park Ji Min are scheduled to debut at the same time
BoA: Scary
Question: In your point of view, out of those 2 who do you think will win?
BoA: Me? Firstly, I’ll be having my comeback first so I’ll do better first


KPOPSTAR Season 2 is scheduled to begin airing this coming November.