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BoA rearranges her schedule for Kpop Star

BoA, one of the judges in SBS’s Survival Audition Kpop Star, shows her zeal in training the participants by rearranging her oversea schedules.

According to Kpop Star on January 28, BoA rearranged her overseas schedules and set a new one in Korea in order to manage and advise the participants herself during their practice.

Initially, BoA was to head straight for Japan after wrapping up additional features shooting for Holly Wood movie Cobu 3D. But before leaving for Japan, she put herself in a flight heading for Korea on January 24 to check on her participants despite busy schedule she has.

As a result, BoA makes a surprise appearance in SM office and leads the participants in a recording studio for the first time to train them. It is later said that she freely advised and commented every problem each participant has as they hear their voice for the first time in their life through the studio headphone.

Also, BoA has been talking on a videophone with the participants during her ten-day stay in Canada. In addition to checking her participants on their working in the project, BoA has taken care of them not to lose a grip of practice despite her absence.

BoA’s agency says, “Before appearing in Kpop Star, BoA prepared to be a fair judge on the show by carefully studying judges in other auditioning programs. She is also stimulated by the skillful participants of Kpop Star and their passionate attitude. She is continuously working hard to be a better judge, moreover, a better singer.”