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BoA’s 400,000 won earphones have balanced amateur drivers

BoA’s earphones are getting a lot of attention.

BoA appears on SBS’s survival audition program K-pop Star as a jury member. The public is paying a lot of attention to her earphones.

The earphones that BoA wears are XBA-4 from Sony. The company made the earphones, which have balanced amateur drivers, for the exclusive use of listening to music.

The earphones have 4 balanced amateur drivers which improves clarity and helps users appreciate the music better. They cost around 400,000 won.

People responded: “She uses the nice earphones to judge well.” “It looks like the earphones will provide better sound.” “I just thought the earphones are small and cute but they are also highly efficient.”

In the March 25 episode of the show, singer/songwriter Yoon Hyun Sang was eliminated.