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[Translation] 120512 Jeongmin’s Twitter update!

Original tweet:

[B.F:정민] 드.콘!!!!완전 눈물날정도로멋졌어요 ㅠㅠ!!함께해준베프들..베프가 진리였어요!!정말완전진짜 너무고맙고이제다됐어요 조금만더기다려줘요!! 도망가면 내가우주끝까지찾아간다 ㅡ,.ㅡ?!!사랑합네다 ♥♥ http://pic.twitter.com/Fp6Ij9qd


English translation:

[B.F:Jeongmin] Dream.Concert!!!! So cool that I am tearing up ㅠㅠ !! The Bestfriends who were with us.. Best friends are the truth!! Truly, completely, really, very, very grateful to you. Please wait for a while!! If you run away, I will search for you even if I’ll die ㅡ,.ㅡ?!! I love you ♥♥ http://pic.twitter.com/Fp6Ij9qd


[K-C]translation by MINi.

[C-E]translation by admin HS @ boyfriend-champion.

Please take out with full credit, thank you!