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‎[TWEET/TRANS][120628] BOYFRIEND Donghyun Twitter Update ! [It's 400th DAYS !!!]

Original Twit:
[B.F동현] 어느덧 400일! 이 소중한 시간동안 느낀건 늘 사랑해주시는 팬분들과 스탭들이 너무 소중하고 감사하다는거♥ 더 열심히 할테니까 지켜봐주세요! 이제 시작이니까요!^^ 이건 오빠가 주는 특별보너스 사진!

English Trans:
[B.F Donghyun] Before we know it it’s our 400th Day! During such a precious period, we really value, treasure and thank the fans and staff whom have always been showing us much love. Please continue to watch over us as we’ll be working even harder. Because this is only the beginning!^^ This is a bonus photo sent by oppa!

Trans by: makwangboi
Source: @G_BoyFriend
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