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[NEWS] 2012.06.05 Boyfriend Youngmin ascends as Seoul’s French Village Kim Hyunjoong’s Doppelganger



The above photo of Youngmin was released by Starship ^

Boyfriend Youngmin’s Seoul’s French village paparazzi photo has become a topic.

On recent online bulletin boards several paparazzi photos were published with such titles ‘Seoul’s French village Kim Hyun Joong? Boyfriend Youngmin’s photo! Refresh your eyes**!”

In the photo, even though Youngmin is wearing plain casual clothes, he captivated netizens’ gazes with an eye-catching visual and pose.

Captivated netizens commented: ‘I thought he was Kim Hyun Joong.. They seriously look alike”, ‘“Today was enough of an eye-opener!”, “I’ll be charmed if I meet him off the streets”, “The entertainment company is in Seoul’s French Village.. From today onwards, I want to work in Seoul French’s Village”, “Standard move of a God!”

Meanwhile Boyfriend will be releasing their Japanese Special album <We Are Boyfriend> on 6 June (tomorrow).

Starship is located at Seocho-gu which is where Seoul’s French Village is located at. Hence Youngmin is referred to as Seoul’s French Village Kim Hyunjoong Doppelganger ^^

Because of today’s article, Youngmin mentioned about being a searched word on search engine this morning and he felt really honoured to be associated with Kim Hyunjoong.

CREDITS: makwangboi

SOURCE: The Star News