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[Video]120529 BOYFRIEND Japan Debut Press Conference

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cr : berryzssss via YouTube

[TRANS][120528] BOYFRIEND – Japanese Press Conference Interview

MC: First and foremost, please introduce to us the origins of the group name.
Donghyun: The group name has a meaning of “wanting to become everyone’s boyfriend”. It refers to our charisma. A “boyfriend” has many angles to it. Our members also have all kinds of charisma, so we came up with such a name.

MC:You boys debuted last year. You have also been to Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan & Shanghai for fanmeets. Also, got 3 Korean best rookie awards, showing your popularity in all of Asia. Thinking back on this year, which event made you the happiest & which event made you sad?

Youngmin: I’m the happiest now. During predebut days, we received a lot of love, and so we are grateful. From now on we will work even harder to let everyone see an even better side of us. Thinking back, the day of our debut was my best day of 2011. That moment, that surrounding, is still deeply imprinted in my head till today. Also, to be able to do what I enjoy doing, this moment really makes me happy.

MC: Next, you guys will be debuting in Japan. When the decision of a Japanese debut was made, how did you guys feel?
Minwoo: We had many Japanese fans coming down to Korea to support us, and under this kind of situation, debuting in Japan makes us really happy. We are also a little worried, but we will work hard.

MC: Next, you are going to hold a live at Nippon Budokan. When news of the showcase was released, immediately 10000 people showed their interest, how do you feel about this?

Minwoo: Firstly, when we heard that our showcase was to be held at Budokan, we were really happy, and honoured to be able to stand on the Budokan. Although we are worried and anxious, the showcase must succeed.Now we are working our best for the preparations, everyone, please look forward to it.

MC: I heard that everyone is working hard, trying to learn Japanese for your Japanese debut. So what’s your favourite Japanese phrase?
Donghyun: キラキラ (kira-kira) (T/N: Means “sparkling” or “shiny” in Japanese)

Jeongmin: I like 人生は何ですか?(jinsei wa nandesu ka?) (T/N: Means “what is the meaning of life?” in Japanese). I heard in a drama! (laughs)
Youngmin: I like こんがらがります! (T/N: Means “extremely messy”)
Minwoo: I like ワイルドだぜぃ! (T/N: Trying to find a word to suit this phrase, will update!) The staff taught me this. (laughs)
Kwangmin: I like 愛してる (aishiteru) (T/N: Means “I love you”)
Hyunseong: I like お休み (oyasumi) (T/N: Means “rest”) (laughs)

MC: So, does that mean that during busy days you boys don’t get to rest?

All the members: ダイジョーブでーす!(daijoubu-desu) (T/N: Means “it’s alright”) (Staff shouting “kawaii”~)

MC: Youngmin and Kwangmin are twins, and I heard that as child stars you boys did over 300 CFs. What are the more interesting things you boys encountered while filming CFs?
Kwangmin: There was once when hyung fell down from the swing during CF shooting, and the shoot could not continue. So, I substituted my brother (laughs)! This sort of thing happened twice before! (laughs)

MC: Everyone should have nicknames, right? Could you tell me?
Donghyun: Because I’m really fair, so people call me “flour”!
Jeongmin: Fans all call me “mirror prince” (laughs)! I think it’s because I’m constantly looking at the mirror.
Youngmin: Because I want to become the “Charisma Leader”, so it’s“Charisma-Youngmin”!
Minwoo: I’m “Sweat Minwoo”, because I’m always sweating!
Kwangmin: The other members call me “4D”. I don’t think that it’s “4D” or“unimaginable child”, but everyone calls me that.
Hyunseong: Fans call me “handsome boy”, I’m really grateful!

MC: The single to be released on 22nd August, may I ask what it’s like?

Youngmin: Our Japanese debut song is produced by sweetune, and thelyricist is Matsui Goro. It’s a cooling and happy song good for welcoming summer, everyone please support it!

MC: Please say something for your Japanese fans.
Donghyun: Really grateful for the support Japanese fans gave us!
Jeongmin: Because I want to see our Japanese fans, I’m looking forward to our Japanese debut. From today onwards, everyone please support us.

MC: Lastly, what are your views on the KPOP Wave in Japan?

Minwoo: This wave was created by our sunbaes, and in order to not spoil it,we will try our very best to let the KPOP Wave grow from strengths to strengths.


Source: HMV Japan
Translation: honeyrinayu | weloveBoyfriend.wordpress.com (Jap-Eng)

(via BoyfriendDonghyun FB fan page)