• kabugsh posted an update 3 years ago

    I didn’t do well on my chem exam. T.T but thank your for all those people who said fighting to me <3 hehehe

    • eli12 replied 3 years ago

      Felicidades, ahora a descansar de la presion, como si no supiera lo estresante que es presentar examen!!!

      • i can’t understand you :) speak in english please :D thank you :D

        • eli12 replied 3 years ago

          Ok, now I was telling you to rest from the pressure as if supiero how stressful it is a test!

          • ahaha ohhh.. I’m fine already.. I did great on my english exam.. so, I’m now ok :D

            • eli12 replied 3 years ago

              How thoughtful!!! sometimes things go better when you relax a little. Congratulations on you english exam!!!