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Boyfriend explains why they changed their choreography

Starting with last week’s episode of KBS’s ‘Music Bank‘, Boyfriend changed up their choreography for their adorable debut track, “Boyfriend“.

Ever since their debut, the boys have been known for their sweet aegyo point dance, but fans were concerned over their image being limited to just one image. In reflection of their concerns, as well as their desire to show something new, the boys decided to change up their choreography to something stronger.

They only had two days to come up with a new routine and rehearse it, but thanks to their pre-debut training, it wasn’t long before they had it all down. Two days later, the boys presented a flawless performance without any mistakes.

Leader Donghyun said, “We practiced really hard for two days. We didn’t pull all-nighters in order to keep up our stamina, but we rehearsed nearly all day long. You’ll be able to see a choreography that’s more powerful and masculine, so we hope you’ll look forward to us.”

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate