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Brave Girls show off their beautiful figures

Brave Girls have recently released a video of themselves practicing the choreography of their title song “Nowadays You.”

Another video, released on March 7, shows a perfect group dance of the Brave Girls for the title song “Nowadays You.”

The one released on March 9 also shows a perfect group dance of the Brave Girls. However, the members are all wearing no makeup and simple sweatsuits instead of suits. Ye Jin, dressed in short pants and a sleeveless t-shirt, is receiving an enthusiastic response because of her voluptuous figure. The video received so much attention that the Brave Girls’ official website even went down.

People responded: “They are wearing tennis shoes but their legs are still beautiful,” “I like their perfect group dance. Not all girl groups can dance like them,” “I love their Kickboxing dance. It’s fun to dance with them,” “The girl group of a perfect group dance.”

Produced by composer and producer Brave Brothers, “Nowadays You” is currently receiving wide attention, getting on the searching word list everyday. The detailed information about the Brave Girls can be found on their official website (http://bravesound.com) and official YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/bravefamily).

YouTube Preview Image