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Ye Jin of Brave Girls dozes off in the greenroom

Brave Girls (Eun Young, Ye Jin, and Yu Jin) released some pictures of Ye Jin dozing off in the greenroom. On March 13, the Brave Girls uploaded two pictures of themselves in the greenroom on their official Twitter account under the title of “The looks you can often see on the subway.”

In the pictures, Ye Jin is taking a nap with a tired look on her face between Eun Young and Yu Jin.

People responded: “They really look like the people we can often see on the subway after work,” “She looks just like one of us,” “Ye Jin is in a deep sleep,” “There are a girl fixing her makeup, a girl sending a text message, and a girl dozing off. They look just like the people on the subway!”

The Brave Girls are a girl group produced by the hit song maker Brave Brothers and currently promoting “Nowadays You.”