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Brown Eyed Girls Miryo solo album set for Feb 1

Brown Eyed Girls Miryo solo album set for Feb 1.

Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo will finally be releasing her solo album this January! Nega Network revealed, “Miryo is currently preparing for her solo album. There isn’t an exact release date set yet, but we’re looking at early next year for now.”

The anticipation for Miryo’s solo album is high because she the last one from her group to release one. She is one of the few recognized female rappers in Korea and fans are eager to find out whether her album will be rap focused. However, the representatives kept their mouths shut replying, “The album’s musical style is part of Miryo’s album concept so we cannot reveal further details on that.”

Can’t wait for her album! It’s going to be epic!


Source: Ayekpop