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Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea and Ga-In attend Im Jae Bum’s concert

The Brown Eyed Girl’s Jea and Ga-In have caught the “Im Jae Bum-syndrome”!

On June 26th, Jea wrote on her Twitter, “We came to Im Jae Bum sunbae-nim’s concert! Kyak~ Put your hands up!”

In the picture, Jea shows off her innocent face while posing with her thumb up. Next to her is Ga-In, who is sticking her tongue out at the camera. Despite being in the midst of a large crowd, it shouldn’t be hard for fans to have spotted them at the concert, especially considering their ‘celebrity aura’.

Netizens said, “Both of you guys must be deeply in love with Im Jae Bum,” “Gain is a lot more noticeable because of her large sunglasses,” and “You must have sat in the regular seats, not the VIP seats”.

Source + Photos: Ilgan News