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Brown Eyed Girls show their extreme appetite, “we eat more than all SNSD members”

Brown Eyed Girls, recently hot among people with their new song “Sixth Sense” appeared on Y-Star’s SikSin Road and showed their extreme appetite.

Expressing their feelings about making guest appearances on SikSin Road through Narsha’s dolphin sound instead, Brown Eyed Girls revealed the inside story of their appetite, “our agency applied restrictions on our food expenses. We might eat more than all SNSD members do,” raising a laugh.

They also quarreled over a pollack stew with full of eggs and milt, so the host Hyun Young even questioned them, “don’t you guys go on a diet? You are girl group members.”

To her question, “this kind of stew goes well with Sprite and beer,” said Narsha, and Jea added, “Narsha often eats raw noodles with beer while moving to another place for the next schedule.”

However, Narsha didn’t seem embarrassed by Jea and even said confidently, “I can get relaxed with raw noodles and beer. But I recently changed raw noodles to yogurt because I need to be on a diet.”

Brown Eyed Girls, quarreling over a pollack stew and sailfin sandfish with full of eggs, can be seen on SikSin Road on the 21st.


Source: TV Report